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Holiday For Others Is Chance For Jewish Federation Of Howard County To Reach Out

Door of faith is open, yet revolving, at Columbia interfaith centers Schwartz said the large numbers of volunteers made quick work of that, then turned their attention to writing and coloring cards to military personnel. Schwartz said promoting community involvement is part of the mission of the federation, and she said many parents taking part on Wednesday noted that it was nice to be able to share with their children the importance of service. She said the federation sees Christmas as an opportunity to help organizations that might otherwise have difficulty functioning on a day when so many people wish to spend time with their own families. "Sometimes they struggle for help on those days, so I think they really appreciated it," she said. So, too, did Schwartz's daughter, 5-year-old Penina. She said Penina was initially confused that some people might go without lunch on any day and was eager to help pack food for those in need.
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Holiday cards, mail stolen from King County post office

And lack of effort has never been a problem during the losing streak; its been a lack of experience that has reared its ugly head and led to losses. So, even though they havent had a lot of recent success, the Red Raiders wont go down without a fight. Whats the latest on the QB situation? Kingsbury expects to play Michael Brewer and Davis Webb in the Holiday Bowl but has declined to name a starter. Brewer, a sophomore, was expected to start after the spring, but a back injury kept him sidelined for the majority of the season.
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Holiday Bowl roundtable

that day and called to report the crime. "No victims (have come forward) yet," West said. "I would imagine that some people don't even realize yet. If it happened on the 16th they're probably not even sure their mail is missing." The vandalism fell right around the peak of holiday mailing season, so the thieves likely made off with gift cards, checks, and other holiday packages. The mailboxes were sealed off and labeled as a crime scene, West added. "That's a bummer," said Joe Cerne, as he stopped into the post office on Monday afternoon. "For those of us out here in the country, now they're taking away our mailboxes (at home), and so we got to come to something like this. And now that's not safe." "It's too bad that it happens, but that's pretty much society," said Ravensdale resident Steve Kinney, who said his son recently had his mail - and identity - stolen from in front of his house in an unrelated case. "They just found his mail in some guy's car in Federal Way.
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Retailers Race To Clear Inventory After Lackluster Holiday Season

Holiday in Austerity Land: 1.3 Million Americans Lose Jobless Benefits | The Nation

Now the race is on for stores to clear inventory. Thursday was expected to be the fifth busiest shopping day of the year. A wild card is the projected $29 billion spent on gift cards over Christmas. The value of the cards is not recorded until they are redeemed. "The traffic is a little bit down, in terms of previous years," says Richard Ortiz, who manages a Banana Republic store in Manhattan. "I think we're seeing a lot more online shopping." Web sales were up more than 10 percent over last year, and more people did their holiday shopping on smart phones.
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Celebrities Share Their Favorite Holiday Treats and Dishes

Furthermore, the legislation is paid for on the backs of the middle class and military families, while not touching the wealthiest amongst us and allowing corporations to continue to benefit from tax loopholes. Pocan, a former co-chair of the Wisconsin Legislature's powerful Joint Finance Committee and a member with Ryan of the House Budget Committee, is recognizing reality. The budget deal fails to demand that the primary beneficiaries of the federal policies that Ryan has helped shape for more than a decade bailed-out banks, border-hopping multinational corporations and billionaires seeking tax shelters do anything more to reduce deficits and debts. Instead, it shifts the burden to federal workers and military personnel, who were hit with a demand that they pay more for basic benefits. Thats how Ryans austerity works: CEOs get to keep their golden parachutes because the government is making the clerks and park rangers and soldiers and sailors do all the sacrificing. Its redistribution of the wealth upward, in the grand tradition of the Charles Dickens character Ebenezer Scrooge, who griped that his clerks request for a Christmas holiday was a poor excuse for picking a mans pocket every 25th of December. The cruelest calculus comes now, after Dec.
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She was so delighted with her creation which contained a little door for the gingerbread men. Jellybeans lined the edges; there was even white frosting for snow. Her house was perfect... until her brother and his friends, tossing a football around, stepped on and crushed her masterpiece. The holidays are still special for DeGeneres, who is a long-time supporter of Toys for Tots. In fact, this season, she is brand ambassador for Duracell's 'Power a Smile' program, which donates up to 1 million batteries to Toys for Tots this holiday season. When asked about her favorite holiday item to eat, DeGeneres couldn't come up with anything too specific, but she did share what she probably wouldn't be having. "Listen.
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